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Seasonal Flavors


Honey Bee*

White honey cake with Wild Turkey American Honey cream cheese buttercream, topped with a whiskey honey drizzle.

Cherry Bomb

Dark chocolate cake w/ a maraschino cherry, cherry frosting and dark chocolate ganache drizzles

Orange Creamsicke

Mandarin orange cake with swirled orange and vanilla buttercream



Fruit punch cake with rum and pineapple-cherry frosting

Chocolate Razmatazz

Chocolate cake filled with raspberry cream, topped with fudge and a dollop of raspberry frosting

I Love Coconut

Coconut cake with whipped coconut cream frosting topped with chopped coconut



Orange cake with X-rated mango, passion-fruit, blood orange frosting

Chocolate Coma

Chocolate cake, choc buttercream, brownie batter, drizzle of ganache

Cherry Limeade

Bright green lime cake with pink maraschino-cherry buttercream


Strawberry Moscato*

Fresh strawberry cake topped with Moscato flavored frosting

Pig Pickin Hawiian Style

Mandarin orange butter cake topped with pineapple whipped topping and finished off with a cherry

Ho-Ho Heaven

Dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream, coated with dark Callebaut ganache and a classic swirl

(French Toast) Friday

French Toast 

Butter cinnamon cake with maple syrup frosting,

cinnamon drizzle and a pat of butter on top

Tipsy Butterfinger*

Chocolate cake with Butterscotch liquor frosting and Butterfinger bits

Honey Lavender

Lavender-infused cake with clover honey buttercream


Mermaid Mimosa*

Orange cake frosted with blue orange and pink champagne buttercream

Peanut Butter Oreo

Chocolate cake, whipped peanut butter buttercream and Oreo cookies

Cookie Butter Crunch

Brown sugar cake, filled with a cookie butter fluff and topped with cream cheese buttercream and a nilla wafer

*Starred items contain small amounts of liquor for flavor

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