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French Vanilla Latte*

Espresso cake frosted with swirled French Kiss vanilla vodka and java buttercream


Nutella Truffle

Nutella-filled (hazelnut) chocolate cake topped with chocolate-hazelnut buttercream


Chocolate Chip Pancakes

A sweet breakfast treat! Chocolate chip cake with maple frosting


Chocolate Guinness*

Irish dry chocolate stout cake with chocolate Guinness frosting


Raspberry Beret

White chocolate cake filled with raspberry preserves and white chocolate-raspberry buttercream


Freckled Lemonade

Lemon cake studded with strawberries and Strawberry/Lemon buttercream


Tipsy Butterfinger*

Chocolate cake filled with butterscotch mousse, frosted with a creamy chocolate & Butterscotch Schnapps frosting and Butterfinger bits


Pomegranate Kiss

Marbled vanilla-red velvet cake topped with vanilla-pomegranate frosting


Bridgerton Lavender

Lemon – lavender cake with light fluffy vanilla frosting


Fuzzy Navel*

Orange cake with Peach Schnapps flavored orange-peach buttercream


Ho Ho Heaven: 

Dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream, coated with dark Callebaut ganache and a classic swirl.


Girl Boss

Zested lemon-ginger cake with cranberry pomegranate buttercream

(French Toast) Friday


Dark chocolate cake with peanut butter whiskey buttercream topped with caramelized bacon and chocolate chips 


French Toast: 

Butter-cinnamon cake with a ring of maple frosting slice of butter and cinnamon drizzle


Berry Smoothie

Mixed berry cake frosted with mixed berry buttercream


Champagne Strawberry*

Strawberry cake with fresh strawberry champagne buttercream


Candy Explosion

Confetti cake, filled with chocolate chips and jimmies topped with rainbow vanilla buttercream


Morgan’s Mocha

Chocolate cake frosted with coffee buttercream and topped with fudge


*Starred items contain small amounts of liquor for flavor


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