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Bakers Choice Jumbos
Each day we bake 3 varieties of jumbo sized cupcakes based on seasonal offerings and trends


Pear Moscato*

Fresh pear cake with Pink Moscato flavored buttercream

Molten Lava Cake-

Rich, dark chocolate cake with a rich chocolate center and a dollop of chocolate buttercream

Spiced Peach Cobbler

Cinnamon-peach cake layered with cinnamon streusel

and lemon zest buttercream



Drunken Punkin’

Pumpkin cake with Rumchata (cinnamon/almond) buttercream

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate chip cake with maple frosting

The Rachel

Chocolate cake with cookie dough filling, with a scoop of chocolate chip and sugar cookies whipped frosting



Berry Martini*

Mixed berry cake frosted with Pomegranate Schnapps buttercream

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Real pumpkin cake topped with java buttercream


 Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow fluff, frosted with

creamy chocolate frosting and graham crackers, mini marshmallows and graham cracker square



Rumchata (maple, cinnamon, almond) cake

with cream cheese-Rumchata frosting.


Butterscotch cake topped with creamy

butterscotch frosting and chips


Ho-Ho Heaven

Dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream,

coated with dark Callebaut ganache and a classic swirl.



Caramel Apple Crumb

Apple cinnamon cake with cinnamon streusel crumb

topping and caramel drizzle


French Toast

Butter-cinnamon cake with a ring of maple frosting slice of butter and cinnamon drizzle

Honey Bee*

Honey cake with Honey Whiskey buttercream and a Whiskey-honey drizzle




Cranberry cake with cranberry vodka soaked cranberries frosted with Cranberry Vodka infused peach buttercream


White Chocolate Coffee Cake

White chocolate cake with streusel crumbles, coated with white chocolate ganache and topped with cinnamon streusel.


Slightly Stroop’d

Vanilla cake with whipped cookie butter filling, topped with cinnamon caramel buttercream, then topped with a stroop waffle and caramel drizzle


You can order any flavor, simply by placing a custom order

48 hrs notice, 1 dz min., any size

Custom Orders

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