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Winter 2023 Employee Choice Jumbos
Each day we bake a variety of jumbo sized cupcakes.
This winter our employees picked their favorite cupcake
or created their own.

Abstract Glow



Black Forest - Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, filled with cherry pie filling, topped with fudge ribbons


Banana Bread- Classic banana bread topped with vanilla buttercream and a spiced glaz




Cherry Pie - Graham cracker cake filled with cherry pie filling topped with decorative vanilla buttercream 


Moscow Mule* - Ginger cake topped with Vodka lime buttercream topped with crystallized ginger




Vixen* - Red Velvet cake frosted with chocolate cherry liquor frosting, topped with a cherry


Espresso Martini* - Chocolate cake soaked with boozy espresso, vanilla vodka frosting


Cheesecake Crumble - Vanilla cake filled with whipped filling,frosted with cream cheese and a slice of cheesecake on top



HoHoHoHeaven - Dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream, coated with dark Callebaut ganache and a classic swirl



French Toast - Butter-cinnamon cake with a ring of maple frosting slice of butter and cinnamon drizzle


Molten Lava Cake - Rich, dark chocolate cake with a rich chocolate center and a dollop of chocolate buttercream



German Chocolate Cake - Chocolate cake with a ring of chocolate buttercream, filled with classic toasted coconut-pecan filling


Cupid's Sugar Cookie - Funfetti cake frosted with sugar cookie whipped frosting, rolled in festive sprinkles and topped with a fresh baked sugar cookie 

* indicates alcohol flavored

Custom Orders

Full Menu

You can order any flavor, simply by placing a custom order. We require 48 hrs notice and 72 hrs notice for FAB orders. 1 dozen minimum, any size.

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