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Pink, vanilla cake with real cranberries soaked in Triple Sec, frosted with cranberry vodka-lime buttercream

Black Forest

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, filled with cherry pie filling, topped with fudge ribbons

Gingerbread Latte

Old fashioned Gingerbread cake with java buttercream


Lady Godiva*

Dark chocolate cake frosted w Godiva chocolate liquor buttercream and real ganache

I Love Coconut

Coconut cake with whipped coconut cream frosting topped with chopped fresh coconut

Mallory's Rainbow Cupcake

Rainbow vanilla cake with glittery rainbow vanilla frosting, topped with sprinkles


SoCo Eggnog*

Eggnog butter cake dusted with nutmeg, topped with Southern Comfort buttercream

Rudolph (Chocolate Gingerbread)

Chocolate gingerbread cake with whipped vanilla buttercream and a cherry nose


Butterscotch cake topped with butterscotch frosting and chips


White Russian*

White cake frosted with swirled Kahlua espresso and french vanilla buttercream

Ho-Ho Heaven

Dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream, coated with dark Callebaut ganache and a classic swirl

Sweet Patooty

Sweet potato cake with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream

(French Toast) Friday

French Toast 

Butter cinnamon cake with maple syrup frosting,

cinnamon drizzle and a pat of butter on top


Chocolate cake with Kahlua / Baileys flavored chocolate frosting.

Cranberry White Chocolate Bliss

Cranberry cake frosted with white chocolate buttercream


Brown Sugar Bourbon*

Brown sugar bourbon butter cake with maple buttercream topped with Bergamot caramel and black walnuts

Ginger Snap

Old Fashioned gingerbread cake with a light sour cream frosting

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake with a ring of chocolate buttercream, filled with classic toasted coconut-pecan filling


*Starred items contain small amounts of liquor for flavor

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